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Study in Germany with Different Scholarships

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Every year a large number of foreign students are going to take higher education in Germany. Germany is offering high-quality education in lower costs. But the students need to know some important things before get on the plane to go for Germany.

No tuition fees, but:

There are no tuition fees for public universities in 16 states of Germany. It’s true, but conditions apply for this. Public Universities of Germany is giving this opportunity of free education to study in specific degree programs. In that case, foreign students must accept the rules that the locals are following. ‘Study Abroad’ programs and private institutes study is not free.

Pull over the more works mind:

It has been determined as a foreign student that how many hours you can work during studying. Students without the passport of any country of the European Union or EU can work 120 days (full days) a year or 240 days (half days) a year. However, you cannot work more than 20 hours during the semester running. Note that; don’t ever try to do extra work. Big problems can be occurred then.

Correctly apply for scholarships:

The hope is that, various scholarships and fellowships are available for foreign students in Germany. You can apply for scholarships if you’re talented in your subject and eager to hard work to get higher education. ‘German Academic Exchange Service’ or DAAD is assists the most in that case. But the application for grant would be like professionals.

Visa complications:

It is a little hard to get the Visa to study in Germany from developing countries. They have to apply for the Visa in keeping some times in their hand. You have to go often ‘Auslanderbehorde’ or the government office for foreigners after arriving in Germany.

Keep copies of everything:

You will periodically get different letters after arriving in Germany. Even you also informed by the letters that when you can put which type of garbage in front of the house. It will be wise decision to keep the letters. But never forget to reply the needed letters.

It is benefited if you can talk German language:

It is also true that you can live in the big cities of Germany without knowing German language. Several universities now offer the opportunity to study in English. However, living in the Germany will be much easier if you learn the German language. The language very important if you want to get a job after education in Germany. In that case, the German language course of Deutsche Welle can help you.

You have to help yourself by own:

US private colleges are taking care of the students despite the higher costs. Students will be informed if he/she misses a class constantly. German universities are exceptional in that case. You have to keep track when, where, why classes held or which program is running.

Stay with the Germans:

Large universities of Germany have accommodation for foreign students. However, taking their services is not mandatory. Hope is that there are so many websites to choose a place to stay. It is kind of difficult. But try to stay in a place where the German students are living. Then it will be easier for you to learn the language.

You’re not alone:

You can feel difficult in the beginning of living in Germany as a student. You can think maybe only you’re working so hard. However, the reality is that a lot of people working hard in Germany to take higher education before you. Learn how to solve the problem by yourself. You can take help from several online forums.

Stay or leave?

You will love the country after few months of staying despite many difficulties you feeling earlier to live in Germany. This has happened to many people. Once you want to stay in Germany considering these- degree, job and secure life. Or you can feel staying or leaving condition. You are responsible for taking the decision, we just informed you earlier.

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